- May 20, 2018-


One of the most important qualities of offset printing inks is its color. If the customer orders black ink, there are few problems because black is essentially black. However, if the customer orders yellow-green, it is hard to know exactly what color yellow green she has in mind. To help solve the problem of mixing the exact color the customer wants, the ink manufacturing industry has developed a system of color classification know as the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM.


Pantone Bridge Book

PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM: The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM (PMS), consist of swatch books that contain samples of hundreds of different colors, each identified with a code number and theformulation for each color. In other words, the book tells exactly how much yellow and how much blue are required to make the specific color of yellowgreen ink the customer chose from the book. Printers can obtain these books so they can order the exact color the customer wants.The printer may also use this book to mix ink colors in the plant. The PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM relys on ten basic colors (PMS black, PMS white, PMS rubine red, PMS rhodamine red, PMS warm red, PMS reflex blue, PMS process blue, PMS green,PMS purple and PMS yellow) which can be kept on hand and mixed using the roportions indicated in the PANTONE book to make the exact color desired. Beside quantities of the basic colors listed above, the printer must also have an accurate scale to measure the quantities of ink required for the color, ink mixing knives, clean-up solvent, and rags. To mix the inks, the exact amount of each required PMS basic color is measured out on the scale (use only PANTONE colors for acceptable results). Then the basic colors are mixed together with the ink knives. The ink is then tested for correct color and, if it is correct, it is placed in cans for use later or put directly into the press fountain. Finally, the mess from mixing is cleaned up with solvent and rags.