The development of Tianjin Angel Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

- Jun 04, 2018-

Brief Introduction of Tianjin Angel Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Printing Ink Co., Ltd. incorporated & combined with Tianjin Synthetic Detergent Factory, took advantage of the two enterprises’ superiority resources, and formed Tianjin Angel Chemical Group Co., Ltd. The group locates at No. 9, Jin Chi Road, Dong Li District, Tianjin, China, covering the land of 150 Mu. The main business scope is all kinds of printing ink, coating, pigment, resin, synthetic detergent, and chemical raw materials.

There are all together 14 enterprises which belong to Tianjin Angel Chemical Group Co., Ltd. in the manner of holding shares, join shares, entrusted operation and in name registration. Among them, the production and sales of printing ink rank number one in China for many years; the alkyl benzene sulfonic acid and AES will become the leading products of the group. And the tertiary amine is also competitive in domestic market. Besides, the other subordinated enterprises of the group is the famous Tianjin “OSTRICH” Ink Factory, Tianjin “BAIHUI” Paper Products Co., Ltd, and so on. In conformity of the spirit of “pursue outstanding, win honor for our homeland”, the development target of the group is to become the biggest industrial base of daily chemicals in Northern China.