Uv Curing System High Gloss Intensitive Quickset Sheetfed Offset Ink

UV curing system high gloss Intensitive Quickset sheetfed offset ink

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It was especially devised for single or multi-color sheetfed press with ultraviolet curing system to print top grade magazine, label or other packaging materials on art paper, coated/uncoated paper as well as foil paper. The printing speed may be up to 8000 sheets per hour.


1. Fast drying; Suitable for high speed printing.

2. Excellent ink transfer on rollers and water/ink balance.

3. Good adhesion between ink and packaging materials after curing, rub-resistance, solvent-resistance.

4. brilliant color, high gloss and high color strength.

5. No volatile component and no pollution.


Process magenta           Warm red

Process yellow             Red

Process cyan              White  

Process black              


1. Use directly and not need to mix it with other auxiliary materials.

2. If the ink’s viscosity is a bit high result from the change of environment , please adjust the viscosity of ink with UV thinner. Mixing ratio is below 5%.


1. This type inks may mix & match each other. But it couldn’t mix with other type ink avoiding to affect the ink’s quality and structure.

2. Because the weather affects the performance of ink, please put inks in room till the temperature of ink restored to room temp. in cold weather. The best temperature of printing workshop is about 25℃.

3. Away from all heat sources including direct sunlight in storage and transportation and keep at temperature not exceeding 30℃.

4. The power of UV lamp≥80W/cm.

5. Pre-test is always recommended ,before printing unabsorbed paper(foil paper and synthetic paper).

6. UV-002 wash-up solution is recommended to clean press rollers after printing.


 6 months.

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